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Aerobatic is fun and improves your flying skill. We can provide aerobatic training on the Cessna A152 from the local flying school or teach on your own aircraft. We have experience on various type of aircraft from the A152 to the Pitts S2C.

In order to carry passenger for an aerobatic ride, Transport Canada requires the pilot to have 10 hours of dual aerobatic or 20 hours solo aerobatic experience. For your safety and the safety of your passenger, it is recommended to consider learning aerobatic maneuvers from an aerobatic rated instructor.

Our pilots can also mentor you  for your first aerobatic competition. Preparation is important when time comes to master the aerobatic sequence.


As a new owner, the insurance companies require the pilot to complete a training or a check on type. This is important for your safety, to be proficient and learn from a competent flight instructor.

Our objective is to provide our customer a complete training to understand the aircraft systems, explore the flight envelope and safely operate the aircraft in different conditions. Don't expect to fly from A to B during the required training period.

We are recognized by insurance companies for the quality of our training and the professionalism of our services. From single engine fixed gear aircraft to multi engine complexe systems aircraft, we can help you.



Flying a warbird is the dream of many pilots. From a single light aircraft to a jet fighter, becoming a warbird owner is a dream and when it comes true, you want to be proficient and safe.

Because operating a warbird can be expensive, you want to learn to fly your plane with care and learn how to maintain it at minimum cost.

Our instructors have experience training warbird pilots. From the YAK52 to the Aero-vodochody L29 and L39 we will help you to be well trained on your aircraft.


Flying a tailwheel aircraft is amazing. You can learn to fly a tailwheel aircraft for fun, as a challenge or because your insurance company require that. You complete an amount hours on your new tailwheel aircraft before flying solo or with passengers, we will help you.

The tailwheel training focuses on aircraft handling in flight, take-off and landing techniques. To complete the training, the pilot will have the opportunities to practices on short runway, grass runway and in differents weather conditions.

We have experience on numerous taildragger aircraft type. From the J3 to the Harvard.



Flight testing of an aircraft is not an easy task. It requires a lot of preparation, deep knowledge in performance, stability&control and aircraft design. 

We are customer oriented and we build Flight Test Program specifically for each project with a focus on safety. Our team works closely with the project's owner.

The SAM LS, BushCaddy R160 with LOM engine, Amateur-built aerobatic restriction and aircraft systems evaluation are some of the projects our teams completed satisfactory.

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